The Lodge of God, The Angels, The Ascended Masters,The Nature Spirits, & The Christed Extraterrestrials Enter The Halls of Amenti! GodBenevolent creator of the Omniverse and everything in it. Infinitely creative. Infinitely intelligent. Infinitely wise. Infinitely kind. Infinitely compassionate. Infinitely powerful. Infinitely just. Infinitely personal. Infinitely impersonal. Infinitely concrete. Infinitely abstract. Infinitely mysterious and paradoxical. A being completely beyond human comprehension. The supreme and eternal Head of The Great White Lodge. The most powerful being in the Omniverse! You may call upon God for help, guidance, protection, and training, and God will surely do all that God can to help you. Lord Archangel MichaelHead of God’s Angels. Head of God’s Army. Mightiest warrior in The Great White Lodge. Supreme Angel of protection. Second to God in power and authority. The second most powerful being in the Universe! You may call upon Lord Archangel Michael for protection and He will surely do everything within His power, control, and jurisdiction to protect and defend you. Lord MelchizedekLord Melchizedek is the Universal Logos and third most powerful being in the Universe. He is not a man or angel, but a great god-like being made by God especially for this position. As Universal Logos, Lord Melchizedek oversees the Ascension process and development of ALL beings in the Omniverse. He is also the Head of The Order of Melchizedek, which is the priesthood and seminary college of The Great White Lodge. You may call upon Lord Melchizedek for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. SHAMBALLAAstral Headquarters of The Great White Lodge on Earth. Accessed through a secret astral doorway in The Gobi Desert. Over the centuries countless seekers, priests, monks, adepts, lamas, occultists, scholars, military spies, authors, adventurers, and curiosity seekers alike have tried to find the hidden astral doorway which leads to Shamballa. Those whose light quotient and motives were sufficiently high enough were spiritually guided to the astral doorway by the Knights of Shamballa. Those whose light quotient and motives were low, evil, or materialistic were mislead and misdirected from finding the astral doorway by the Knights of Shamballa in the same manner. To give you some idea just how difficult it is to find and enter the astral doorway which leads to Shamballa, Lord Maitreya has stated, “For every two thousand souls who seek Shamballa, only one finds it.” Lord MaitreyaCosmic Avatar. King of Shamballa. Head of The Great White Lodge on Earth. Secret Teacher and Guide to Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Lao-tzu, Confucius, and many others. Lord Maitreya is an ageless and deathless Avatar who wields the power of God and ministers God’s will in all things. A being of incredible power and grace. You may call upon Lord Maitreya for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. His name is pronounced: my-tray-a Saint GermainAscended Master of the 76th Degree and former Chohan of the 7th Ray. Saint Germain was recently promoted to Manu and is now in charge of mitigating world affairs and establishing The Seventh Golden Age of Enlightenment on planet Earth. Saint Germain resides in the astral city of Shamballa, but often materializes on the Earth plane to perform various Lodge duties as needed. Saint Germain has a long and illustrious list of previous incarnations. He was the great ruler of a Christed civilization in the area of the Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago. He was one of the highest Priests of Atlantis 13,000 years ago. He was Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus. He was Merlin the Magician. He was Roger Bacon, father of the scientific method. He was Francis Bacon, the scholar, mystic, and true author of the Shakespearean plays. And he was The Wonder Man of Europe “Count Saint Germain” the most mysterious and influential person of the 18th century. In a time before planes, trains, and automobiles Count Saint Germain was seen in London, Paris, and Rome on the same day. He was the hidden Architect and Creator of The United States of America. He secretly planned and orchestrated the French Revolution and countless other intrigues that helped to improve and facilitate European democracy. At the same time he anonymously designed and introduced countless industrial and medical improvements to the world, selflessly allowing others to take the credit. Count Saint Germain was seen around the world for over 160 years. Despite this astonishing fact he was never seen to age or to consume food or drink of any kind. Count Saint Germain was a master alchemist and on several occasions was seen to turn a common coin into the purest gold. He claimed no profession but was one of the wealthiest men of Europe and gave most of his money away to the poor and downtrodden. It was assumed that Count Saint Germain was a European noble, but every search of his family name and ancestry turned up empty. Saint Germain has long been the “James Bond” of The Great White Lodge and is to the “Age of Aquarius” what Jesus was to the “Age of Pisces.” You may call upon Saint Germain for help, guidance, protection, and training, and “The Count” will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Lord BuddhaFormer World Teacher and Messenger of The Great White Lodge. Ageless and deathless Ascended Master of the 76th Degree. Lord Buddha now resides in the astral city of Shamballa, but often materializes on the Earth plane to perform various Lodge duties as needed. You may call upon Lord Buddha for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Master KuthumiChohan of The Second Ray. Ageless and deathless Ascended Master of the 76th Degree. Master Kuthumi resides in the astral city of Shamballa, but often materializes on the Earth plane to perform various Lodge duties as needed. In a previous incarnation Master Kuthumi was John the beloved disciple of Jesus and author of the Book of Revelations! You may call upon Master Kuthumi for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Master El MoryaChohan of The First Ray. Ageless and deathless Ascended Master of the 76th Degree. Master El Morya resides in the astral city of Shamballa, but often materializes on the Earth plane to perform various Lodge duties as needed. You may call upon Master El Morya for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Djwhal KhulAgeless and deathless Ascended Master of the 76th Degree. Djwhal Khul assists Master Kuthumi in The Second Ray ashram of Shamballa, but often materializes on the Earth plane to perform various Lodge duties as needed. In a previous incarnation Djwhal Khul was the great master Confucius! You may call upon Djwhal Khul for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. His name is pronounced: ja-wall cool Lord SanandaAgeless and deathless Ascended Master of the 76th Degree and Star Fleet Commander. Lord Sananda divides his time between the astral city of Shamballa and his astral Star Ship which is in constant orbit around the Earth. Lord Sananda also materializes on the Earth plane to perform various Lodge duties as needed. In his previous incarnation Lord Sananda was the World Teacher Jesus Christ. You may call upon Lord Sananda for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. The AngelsGod has created more angels than can be counted! That is a fact! There are legions of angels for every task, purpose, and specialty. You may call upon The Angels for help, guidance, protection, and training, and they will surely do everything within their power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. The Nature SpiritsGod has sprinkled Nature Spirits all over the Earth. They are normally invisible to human sight, but many psychics and clairvoyants can see and hear them. Nature Spirits exist in every size, shape, and dimension. They fulfill an essential part of God’s Plan by maintaining and replenishing the Environment, Nature, and Mother Earth as needed. They have also been known to help animals and humans caught in serious danger. Very useful beings to have around! You may call upon The Nature Spirits for help, guidance, protection, and training, and they will surely do everything within their power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. The Christed ExtraterrestrialsGod did not create trillions and trillions of star systems and planets for nothing! God has placed many kinds and types of beings throughout the Omniverse. Beings exist in every size, shape, and dimension. Many have human appearance and many do not. 95% of extraterrestrials worship God and are far more advanced mentally, spiritually, and technologically than the race of Earth. Over the years The Christed Extraterrestrials have made friendly diplomatic contact with the governments of this Earth, but in each case the governments of this Earth were too malevolent, too narrow-minded, too selfish, too greedy, and too distrusting to cooperate with The Christed Extraterrestrials. Naturally the governments of this Earth have never told you about these meetings. You may call upon The Christed Extraterrestrials for help, guidance, protection, and training, and they will surely do everything within their power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Commander AshtarCommander Ashtar is a Christed Extraterrestrial and Cosmic Avatar. He is head of The Ashtar Command, which is the mighty and invincible Space Patrol of The Great White Lodge. The Ashtar Command patrols the galaxy and battles The Dark Lodge on a daily basis. Commander Ashtar and The Ashtar Command have saved the Earth from annihilation countless times without the surface race being aware of it. Every person on this planet owes their life to the valor and bravery of The Ashtar Command! You may call upon Commander Ashtar for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Agharta (also spelled) AgarthaAncient civilization inside the Earth that is a thousand times more spiritually and technologically advanced than the surface race. The Agarthans are human in appearance and refer to you as “The Surface Dwellers.” The world’s Top Secret military brass have known about Agartha for a very long time. They do not make this knowledge public in order to avert a global panic as well as to protect their malevolent self interests. Half of the UFO’s that people see do not come from outer space but come from the advanced civilization of Agartha inside the Earth! The Agarthans are a friendly Christed race and are loyal members of The Great White Lodge. During Armageddon the Agarthans will assist God’s Army in the glorious defeat of The Dark Lodge, The Illuminati, and The Secret Government. Crop CirclesFriendly “greeting cards” from The Christed Extraterrestrials and The Agarthans! Sightings of Crop Circles and UFO’s increased dramatically after the atomic bombings of 1945, after which the Christed E.T.s & Agarthans began to keep a sharp eye on Earth in order to prevent the malevolent leaders of Earth from blowing the planet to bits! Crop Circles and UFO’s are the “Signs and Wonders” prophesized in the Bible’s Book of Revelations. Proof positive the Earth has entered the END TIMES of The Kali Yuga and that Armageddon is close at hand. Crop Circles are made by advanced alchemy and take only one or two seconds to make. Their size is enormous. The dot in the center of this Crop Circle is a man! The Dark LodgeOur cosmic counterpart! The Lodge of evil, greed, corruption, insanity, and megalomania. Sinister architects of false wars, false news, false hope, mass mind control, mass consumerism, mass enslavement, suppressed sciences, global control, and the invisible prison of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Lucifer and his followers defected from God’s Great White Lodge and formed The Dark Lodge 200,000 years ago. Wherever there is trouble in the galaxy rest assured The Dark Lodge is behind it. Most leaders of Earth have sided with The Dark Lodge (consciously or unconsciously) and that is why conditions on Earth never improve. The Dark Lodge is galaxy wide and consists of Fallen Angels, evil Extraterrestrials, evil Earthlings, evil Elementals, and evil Interdimensional Space/Time entities. Don’t worry about The Dark Lodge. The Dark Lodge is playing “chess” against Almighty God—and they are going to lose big time! YOU can help defeat The Dark Lodge with your prayers. As many of YOU as possible should make the following prayer fervently and often. Dear God, dear Angels, dear Ascended Masters, dear Nature Spirits, and dear Christed Extraterrestrials, please kindly do everything within your power, control, and jurisdiction to arrest and eradicate all agents and allies of The Dark Lodge on Earth fully and completely, now and forever—Amen. And the following prayer will protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY against all agents and allies of The Dark Lodge. Dear God, dear Angels, dear Ascended Masters, dear Nature Spirits, and dear Christed Extraterrestrials, please kindly protect and defend me and my family fully and completely from all agents and allies of The Dark Lodge, now and forever—Amen. The Ark of the CovenantThe most powerful device on Earth. The Ark is a channel and portal for The Holy Spirit, The Angels, The Elementals, and The Alchemical Forces of God. The Ark carries its own protection and still exists on Earth in pristine condition. The Ark is securely hidden and guarded on Earth by Angels, Elementals, and Ascended Masters of The Great White Lodge. The Dark Lodge has attempted to steal and disable The Ark for centuries, but their attempts have all ended with their own death and destruction. Lord Archangel Michael will open The Ark of the Covenant at the start of Armageddon and unleash legions of Angels, Elementals, and Alchemical Forces that will swiftly search and destroy all agents and allies of The Dark Lodge, thereby erasing all evil and negativity on this planet forever. The SeventhGolden Age of EnlightenmentAfter the great cleansing of Armageddon, the remaining race of Earth, aided and assisted by The Agarthans and The Christed Extraterrestrials, will collectively create The Seventh Golden Age of Enlightenment on Earth, a civilization God has promised to be even better than “The Garden of Eden” of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Spiritual Hierarchy
The Masters Of The Hierarchy
For people new to the path of Ascension, I cannot help but feel the utter confusion you experience when you hear words like “Hierarchy” and “Ascended Beings” thrown about in seemingly casual conversation by friends and/or family who have been studying this subject for years. I can imagine the frustration that arises within you when you ask for some friendly guidance and are told to call on this or that “Master” who holds this or that position in “The Hierarchy”. Some of the names of these great beneficent beings sound as though they come from the latest science fiction novel. And I am sure that asking for the aid of a being whose name would not be out of place in the same galactic quadrant as Star Trek’s Spock, leaves you in a state of utter (and understandable) bewilderment! The purpose of this book is to eliminate that bewilderment and bring the glory of the Spiritual Hierarchy of “masters” into your lives as fact. Through explanation and your own open-mindedness, the Hierarchy will come to vibrant life, “freed” from the realm of science fiction. I only ask that you continue reading with both an open mind and an open heart so that your intuition can fully reveal to you what explanation can only open the doorway to. A very simple analogy, to begin with, is that of the student who begins school at kindergarten age, learns the lessons of the following grades, moves through college, attains a Master’s degree and then returns to school — let us say, for example, the grade school where they first learned their basics — and there takes on the role of “teacher”. This is pretty much the case with those who form the Hierarchy, and even more so with those Great Beings (whom many of you know as the great world teachers of various religions) who actually “come back” to the “school” of earth in order to impart to the “younger” (spiritually speaking) souls that wisdom they have garnered while moving up through the various grades or levels of Being — a process which some of us are only now venturing to begin. There are, of course, many notable and exhalted sages, prophets, saints and highly evolved Beings who, both in ancient and modern times, have walked the earth in flesh and blood. The most immediate examples that come to mind are The Christ (often referred to in occult literature as Lord Maitreya), The Buddha, the Virgin Mary, Moses, Quan Yin and Isis. Also within this category fall certain of the great yogis, mystics and occultists of more modern times such as Yogananda, who founded the Self-Realization Fellowship, Sai Baba (presently the most Spiritually advanced Being on our planet), Madam Blavatsky and C.W. Leadbeater, who “brought through” some of the most advanced occult writings in recent history, as well as Alice A. Bailey who channeled, via telepathic link, the occult information given forth by the Master Djwhal Khul. And, finally, mention must be made of the great spiritual leaders such as Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King who have guided entire nations toward peace and universal brotherhood, often paying for their commitment with their very lives. Even Abraham Lincoln, who, while not in the strictest sense a “spiritual leader”, was nonetheless a highly evolved being who led a nation toward peace and paid the ultimate price for his unwavering courage. When I mention that certain advanced souls “channel” or “bring through” information given forth through the telepathic link between them and one or other of the masters, what I am saying, in essence, is that certain of the masters (those souls who have completed their rounds of birth and death) remain on one or other of the inner planes which we have discussed, and from that abode transmit to the mind of the soul upon earth the wisdom and guidance that they seek to impart in order to be of aid to humanity’s development. Some of the people or incarnated souls with whom they work are themselves Masters (having graduated from the “school of earth”) who have volunteered to come back in order to serve. In these cases, their particular form of service lies in their ability to receive impressions of the master who remains out of incarnation and thus has a clearer vision of the true nature of reality or who is a bit further along their own path of evolution, thus having access to ever greater vistas of wisdom and love. Often times a disembodied (in the physical sense) master will work with the disciple or initiate. An initiate or disciple is a soul who is consciously working on mastering their lower four bodies in order to bring these bodies under the influence of the higher aspects of “self”. These are the people who are on the path of ascension, using all the experiences in their lives in order to grow, learn, evolve, gain mastery and deepen their connection with their higher selves and Mighty I Am Presences or monads. Thus, it can be accurately stated that all masters have followed the path of ascension, and have moved through the confines of the four lower bodies or the four lower worlds, ultimately knowing themselves to be the higher self and the monad. They have graduated from the school of the four lower planes and are now free from the limitations imposed upon those of us still working to gain mastery in those planes. They therefore exist to serve us within their own higher spheres and among their own graded ranks (for ascension, in truth, leads ever onwards and upwards and some masters are more highly developed in their own world than others). These Masters come from all religions and all spiritual paths and, together, form what is known as “The Hierarchy”. It might be helpful here to remind you that although these masters are liberated from the four lower worlds (physical, etheric, astral and mental), they may choose to incarnate upon any of these aforementioned planes in order to best effectuate their mode of service. Therefore, just as we can note Christ, Moses, or Buddha as being masters who incarnated upon the earth, likewise do a host of masters incarnate on the etheric, astral and mental realms in order to work and serve with the souls upon those realms. It is also important that you realize that the planet as a whole is in a state of evolution or process of ascension, and therefore the master teachers of one time period, who were the teachers and leaders of the bulk of humanity, have themselves evolved since then and the entire process of ascension has been itself speeded up over the course of relatively recent history. Thus humanity is reaching heights en masse that were hitherto reached only by the few. In order for the Hierarchy of Masters to work to their fullest potential, they seek to be brought forth from behind the shrouds of mystery where they functioned in the past. To accomplish this, there are certain fundamentals which you need to understand, so that you, too, can then work with them, serve the Divine plan and help to facilitate your own ascension process. The Hierarchy functions as the spiritual government. It is NOT a government like those in any country on earth but holds to the best and highest ideals which comprise the inspiration behind all forms of government. They function in a hierarchical structure, hence the term “hierarchy”, and those with lesser vision will happily seek out the greater vision from those beings who possess it. But there is no competition whatsoever, only a joint purpose in serving the Whole from places of ever expanding unity and oneness with the Whole. Free and liberated from the pull and dictates of the lower four realms, these beings form a divine structure, each contributing what they are most suited to contribute, each working in their chosen field and appropriate place, yet from a state of utter beatitude, bliss, joy, love and wisdom — A state that we, in our most graced moments, know but as a shadow of the constant reality in which they live. What must be pointed out to you, dear reader, is that the process of ascension has been so accelerated at this time, that many of you reading this material will, in fact, already be high level initiates and disciples who are only hampered on the physical plane by your unfamiliarity with spiritual terminology and process — something that, in truth, you are already quite familiar with upon the inner planes. Therefore, for a great many of you, this book will primarily serve to bring you up to speed with your own evolution and initiatory status, thus serving also as a doorway to a great pursuit of wisdom which will reveal to you more and more about your very selves. What must additionally be pointed out is that the masters themselves have, as a whole, drawn nearer to our world than ever before. This is so because a great many of us are completing our various initiations during this very lifetime, thus taking the path of ascension and therefore joining the ranks of the masters ourselves! That we all have much to learn is indeed true, but as so many of us are evolving at speeds never before seen upon this planet, the advanced masters are therefore bringing us into ever greater attunement with their purpose, so that we, where ever we are in the process of ascension, might learn the needed lessons from them. Table Of Contents Younger Masters It becomes vital, at this juncture of our discussion, to recognize the fact that a number of souls have, in this very time frame, joined the ranks of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Another way of phrasing this is that a group of us have moved from the fourth or strictly human kingdom, into the fifth, or what is referred to as the spiritual kingdom. Therefore, it may come as no surprise when I tell you that there are indeed masters among us. Some, as I said before, have held their mastership over a vast span of “time” and are therefore more adept at certain aspects of this status, such as teleportation, bilocation, levitation, healing miracles and so forth. Others of us are masters, but new to that status, and work under the tutelage and guidance of a more advanced master, who may be either physically in incarnation or not, depending upon their chosen path of service. Some of the masters remain out of physical manifestation, yet have the ability to draw around themselves the necessary atoms to form either a physical, etheric, astral or mental image of themselves with which to communicate with their students.

An example of this type of master can be found among the following, some of whose names might at first sound strange to you, but if meditated upon will, I guarantee you, have the ring of familiarity to them: St. Germain, Kuthumi (pronounced Koo too mee), Djwhal Khul (pronounced Dwall Cool — sometimes simply referred to as D.K.), Archangel Michael, The Virgin Mary, and Jesus, to name a few. Other masters are in physical incarnation, the highest of these being Sai Baba, who resides in a small village in India, but who, likewise, may be seen in either the physical/etheric, astral or mental bodies. An incarnated being with his degree of mastership knows no bounds even while in the physical. Born awakened to his God Self, Sai Baba is aptly called an “avatar”, or a God-Realized being from birth.
However, let us leap back to the newly liberated master who has passed either the sixth or the sixth and seventh initiation, and has thus achieved the goal of all their lifetimes in this very lifetime. These are the younger masters, sometimes called kindergarten masters, particularly in the case wherein they have achieved the sixth level of initiation, and have yet to complete the seventh level before becoming a “full master”. Those of us in this category are watched over very carefully by the more advanced masters, and worked with daily that we may continue to expand our love, light, power and psychological clarity for the good of all mankind and the earth as a whole.
I shall delve more deeply into the process of initiation itself in a chapter devoted exclusively to it. But suffice it to say, for the time being, that you may be well on the road to mastery, but simply unfamiliar with the terminology used to express the process you are undergoing. Some very highly developed souls are being born into the world at this time, and some of us need just a small degree of openness in order to be drawn to the place wherein the teachings of the masters are brought forth into our conscious minds. It is said that “when the student is ready, the master appears’’. However, what that statement does not include is the fact that sometimes the student doesn’t know they are even awaiting the master, except through a dull persistent feeling inside that there is something “more” to life. Well, beloved readers, there is indeed much more to life, and the “more” has come knocking at your door by virtue of your own willingness to explore this seemingly “new” territory of spiritual and occult understanding!
Therefore, do bear in mind that, as we proceed with a discussion of the spiritual hierarchy, there are indeed new members passing through the portals of the sixth and seventh initiation daily, and thus joining the ranks of those who have preceded us. In fact, from the time frame of 1995 through the first several years of the next millennium, there will be several waves of mass ascension in which a greater number of humanity than ever before will have the window of opportunity within which to achieve their liberation. As was said by Jesus Christ, “if you do not believe in me, then believe in the works I do”. And so I say to you in regard to these souls who are taking their ascension in this lifetime. Know them, know each other, know us, by the works we do and not by any outer claim. All who are members of the hierarchy of masters are here to serve. By service do we achieve this great privilege and through service acts will we know each other for who we are.

The Form of The Hierarchy
At this point I shall give but a brief description of the hierarchical structure. At the head of our Solar System, which includes the seven planes that were discussed earlier on, is the cosmic Being who holds the position of Solar Logos. He is often referred to as Helios, and sometimes jointly as Helios and Vesta. At the head of our planetary system, to which we will, at the moment confine our
selves, is the Planetary Logos. Until very recently, this high office was held by a being known as Sanat Kumara. The position has now been taken over by he who was, and remains, The Buddha.
Underneath them are three major department heads: The Manu (Allah Gobi), the Mahachohan and the Christ. The position of planetary Christ is held by Lord Maitreya, who was also Krishna in a previous incarnation.
Below them, and yet still at vast heights, are the Masters, or Chohans of the seven rays. There are seven energy types (or rays) expressing themselves in our solar system and planet. The second ray, that of Love/Wisdom is the ray or basic energy of the solar system itself. The following is a list of the rays and the masters, or chohans, that head them:
El Morya
Love/Wisdom (Master Djwhal Khul has taken over much of His work, as Kuthumi is preparing to take over the office of the Christ)
Serapis Bey
Active Intelligence
St. Paul the Venetian
the Harmony through Conflict
Science and the Concrete Mind
Devotion and Religious Science (Jesus is known on the inner planes as Sananda, and was the Being whom Christ/Lord Maitreya overlighted 2000 years ago)
Violet Ray Master (Fromerly: St. Germain)
Ceremonial Magic and Ritual
Alongside of these masters work other masters whose areas of expertise are somewhat different. Also, working in graded ranks, according to their development, are certain of the more highly evolved Deva’s (those beings whose path of evolution is upon the Angelic line). From this entire host of Divine Beings are we offered assistance in our growth process and, indeed, in every aspect of our lives. There are even certain groups of masters who are skilled in the art of healing by working with streams of energy. These beings, as well as all the masters and angels, but await our call in order to be of service to us.
It is important to understand that They have their own lives upon the divine plane of Beingness, their own areas of pursuit, and their own growth objectives. However, part of what they do is to be actively involved in humanity’s, as well as the earth’s evolution as a whole. Some masters may be more aligned to working with the animal kingdom, and, as was mentioned above, some work much more specifically with the arts and still others with the healing sciences. The basic point here is that no matter what our needs, this hierarchy of beings but awaits our call to come forth in loving service to help us in any and all ways possible. They are here to assist our growth and evolution, and I cannot stress strongly enough the great benefits that are here for us to receive, just for the asking. The one thing that they cannot do is infringe upon man’s free will. And this is why they must be called into action, invited to help us. If you are doubtful of this, why not begin by calling upon a master with whom you are familiar, such as beloved Jesus, Mother Mary, Moses or the Buddha. See what grace begins to fill you immediately! You may even want to experiment by meditating for a brief time on the energy of the specific master you invoked, such as letting the love and devotion of Jesus fill you or the peace of the Buddha. With time, you will come to know the specific masters and their energies quite intimately, and their names will roll off your tongues like a once familiar language you thought you had forgotten. About these most beloved Beings I cannot say anything to better express my personal experience with them than to quote “… Prove me now, herewith, sayeth the Lord … I shall fill you with blessings that there shall not be room enough to receive them”!!!

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